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"Overthinking is the biggest waste of human energy. "

This principle drives Super*me, an artist who blends irony with passion. Born in Germany in 1971, he transitioned from a career as a creative director and CEO for top fashion brands to art, inspired by childhood memories of ATARI games and California streetwear culture.


His works combine street art and gaming influences, encouraging viewers to question themselves and society. Influenced by Banksy, Basquiat, and global cultures, Super*me creates art that resonates universally. His provocative yet authentic pieces provoke thought and make viewers smile.


Favoring mixed media, especially acrylic on canvas with 3D effects, Super me describes his style as neo-expressionism. He believes in action over perfection, inviting everyone to engage with and reflect on his art.


ليس لدينا أي منتجات لعرضها هنا الآن.

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