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"These colors are scratching her soul, generating a combustion of passions. So hang on to whatever! A colorful tsunami is coming ! "

Rián Betina, an accomplished Argentinean artist currently residing in Rosario, has crossed various paths across the breadth of her life, from north to south.
Since her early childhood, a tempest of creation and colours has surged within her. The confines of her physical being are insufficient to contain the energy of her artistic spirit, and she takes pride in her ability to enrich the souls of those who witness her work.

Her art is a magnificent fusion of colours that ignite a combustion of passions. As a viewer, one should brace themselves, for a colourful tsunami of creativity is on the horizon. Art is an

inseparable part of her life, encompassing a diverse array of expressions, from painting to music, sculpture, and literature.

As soon as she could grasp a pencil, this passion for art took hold and never disappeared. Throughout her journey, she has pursued studies in Communication, Art, Design, and Architecture, and even worked in the field of construction for a period. However, her heart's true calling signaled her to dedicate herself wholeheartedly to her greatest love – art.

Each day, Rián Betina awakens with a mind brimming with new creative challenges, appreciating the privilege of being able to live out her passion. Her unwavering commitment to her artistic pursuits has become the essence of her being, and she continues to embrace the joy of crafting a life and career founded on what she loves most – art.


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