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French Artist 

For over 8 years, I have been residing in Middle East, immersing myself in the local Khaleeji culture and incorporating its beauty into my art “ 

Arnaud is a French mixed media artist based in Bahrain. His artistry journey began with a degree in interior design, where he honed a keen eye for composition, aesthetics, and the principles of design.  He combines his European roots with his adopted Khaleeji culture and creates his signature features where he introduces keffiyeh scarf (Shemagh) into his painting, which adds a unique and distinctive element to his work. 


His paintings are deeply rooted in preserving the culture and traditions of both worlds and thrives in keeping and representing their heritage through a range of techniques. By getting his inspirations from contemporary art, pop art and street art, he illuminates his paintings on various media such as walls, canvas, wood, fabric and sneakers, where the fusion of the cultures are highly depicted and expressed gracefully.

Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE contemporary art, pop art
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