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" Jean Paul Kala's creations are characterized by organic, elegant and generous curves; no doubt the fruit of his African origins. "

Jean Paul Kala's artistic creations incorporate a profound admiration to the vigorous and authentic essence of his birthplace - North Kivu. This region, rich with cultural heritage, has significantly influenced his refined works.

From a young age, Jean Paul was drawn to exploring matter and mechanics, and his natural restlessness led him to discover the art of metal welding and shaping during his teenage years. This revelation ignited a passion within him, propelling him to become a recognized expert in the field.

Driven by a long-standing aspiration to pursue the European dream, Jean Paul decided to fully embrace his professional aspirations in the 2000s. Relocating to Belgium, he immersed himself in the art of metalwork alongside some of the finest craftsmen, further sharpening his technique and garnering recognition from his peers and the most discerning connoisseurs.

Drawing inspiration from the ancestral art of Imigongo, which predates abstract art, Jean Paul launched his own distinguished brand of high-end furniture, R&J, in 2013. Swiftly gaining fame among enthusiasts with a preference for beauty and exclusivity, his brand stands as a testament to his artistic mastery and commitment to excellence.

Jean Paul Kala's designs stand out prominently, characterized by their organic, elegant, and generously curved forms, undoubtedly reflecting his African heritage. Through a remarkable mastery of technique and a meticulous attention to detail, he transforms metal into masterful works of contemporary art, capturing the essence of his artistic vision in each creation. His exquisite craftsmanship resonates with connoisseurs and admirers alike, releasing an extraordinary fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary finesse.

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