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a captivating hand-made painting depicting the iconic duo, Tom and Jerry. Created with acrylic neon colors and intricate resin details, this artwork captures their playful escapades. Tom and Jerry come alive in vibrant hues, with dynamic motion and glowing eyes. The neon background adds an electric atmosphere, while the resin details create a luminous, three-dimensional effec vibrant tribute to the beloved characters and their timeless adventures.


" In collaboration with an art workshop, Gallery27 offers the endless possibility to all artists onboard. "

Gallery27, in seamless collaboration with an esteemed art workshop, presents a realm of boundless possibilities for all artists who become part of the esteemed "Collectif 27." Together, these artists serve as ambassadors, championing contemporary optimism and a modern vision of life where art and new technologies converge harmoniously.

With a strong emphasis on preserving each artist's natural style and aura, Gallery 27 and the art workshop work closely to offer an enriching environment that enables artists to flourish and further develop their artistic skills.
The collective's creations transcend the conventional boundaries of art, propelling it into an entirely new dimension. Showcasing mostly unpublished works, the artists' designs are the culmination of extensive research, deeply rooted in the potential of cutting-edge technologies, of which the art workshop holds exclusive manufacturing secrets.

At Gallery27, artistic expression finds limitless horizons, and each artist's journey becomes a testament to the extraordinary interaction between traditional artistry and the transformative power of modern technologies. As the artists continue to explore and innovate, their works represent a captivating fusion of imagination and technical expertise, offering a fresh perspective and elevating the contemporary art scene to new heights.

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