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"Porsche, a passion that gave birth to the Art Nine Eleven Collection that turns Porsche 911 hoods into authentic works of art."

Edu Danesi, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has pursued his artistic endeavours in Belgium since 1996. Having earned his photography diploma from the esteemed school in Brussels, Edu Danesi made a significant transition from photography to painting a few years later. As a self-taught artist, he proficiently employs various techniques, including painting, collage, drawing, graffiti, and stencil, applying them on diverse media such as canvas, wood, metal, and walls.

For Edu, the essence of art lies in the ability of an image to convey emotions and evoke profound responses. His art issues a captivating blend of colours, sensuality, poetry, provocation, and positivity, creating a captivating feeling of emotions.

His passion for Porsche led to the creation of the Art Nine Eleven Collection, a remarkable series that transforms Porsche 911 hoods into authentic works of art. Edu's artistic spirit infuses these hoods with elegance and sophistication, embodying the spirit of famous figures with a deep connection to the German brand, including Paul Newman, James Dean, Jacky Ickx, and the iconic "king of cool," Steve McQueen.

Edu Danesi's art has garnered significant recognition and demand among collectors worldwide, with a notable presence in Europe and the USA. Recently, his captivating creations have ventured into the Middle East, being exclusively exhibited at Gallery27 in Dubai, where they continue to captivate art enthusiasts with their exceptional allure and artistic brilliance.


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