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Black on white Calligraphy, acrylic painting, calligraph painting

Kate Paul 

 Polish Calligraphy Artist 

“The letters and digits I use aren’t always fully comprehensible, not even to me. Where do they come from? From the past. I study the writing in old documents and ornaments in ancient ruins, shapes of rundown furniture and destroyed tools. I feel that their look constitutes a cypher that connects yesterday with today”

Kate Paul is a Wroclaw (Poland) based calligraphy artist. In her act of creation, Kate combines the solidity of a geometric composition and the lightness of meandering ornaments. She seeks contrast and develops a storyline as she maneuvers through the large canvas, creating a dark background and light motif or vise versa. The dark canvases are similar to the walls in the ruins from the place where she came from and the lighter ones are like pages of the books she finds in a suitcase of her family memorabilia. 


The letters and symbols come to her from these books and the blurred inscriptions on the ruins. They can be runes, Chinese or Hebrew characters and also a variety of Latin typefaces symbols, hieroglyphs and ciphers.


Today her paintings lay on the walls of gallery 27, among many other contemporary arts,  ready to be resurrected back to life by each and every one who lays eyes on them.

Kate Paul

Kate Paul
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