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mixed media painting for bosxing legands with football backgroud



Alberto León, Spanish self-taught artist, born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) in 1983, has been in the field of graphic designing for more than 5 years. After working several years in different companies in the sector, complimenting their vocation, Drawings and painting, decides to take his skills as a graphic designer further and merge them with his other passion, urban art.

Jumpstarting a launch of his career as an artist in 2012, coincided with his arrival in Barcelona.
It is in this city where he began collecting torn posters from the streets to decorate their combinations with fabrics and paints, spray and different textures to keep the essence of street art.

The young artist express with total freedom in art, rescuing icons that have marked an era in our lives and merging with dirt and language reflected in the street. In his works they are connected with the public using positive messages and provocative images that are made in reflection.


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