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“My artwork is a visual daydream, a sort of diary of a series of memories and experiences on this journey through life, capturing emotional experiences through pattern and colour.”

Poppins, an exceptionally talented and imaginative artist hailing from France, seamlessly navigates between the realms of fashion and art, creating a unique fusion of creativity in her work. Originally a young fashion designer, she has now ventured into the world of art, embarking on a captivating journey that spans from the picturesque landscapes of France to the vibrant cityscape of Dubai.

Her artwork serves as a visual daydream, chronicling a series of memories and experiences acquired throughout her life's voyage. With each stroke of her brush and every carefully selected hue, Poppins captures the essence of emotional encounters, bringing them to life through intricate patterns and vivid colours. Through her artistic style, she skilfully channels the depths of human emotions, evoking nostalgia, joy, and contemplation in her audience. Within her timeless compositions, Poppins artfully unveils slices of life that resonate deeply within each viewer. Her work transcends mere aesthetics, seeking to touch the very core of human existence.

By incorporating iconic characters into her creations, she infuses a charming familiarity, seamlessly blending reality and fiction. These characters become relatable inviting viewers to reflect on their own journeys and find connections within the shared human experience. Ultimately, Poppins' artworks celebrate life itself, brimming with joy, imagination, and boundless creativity. Her diverse and captivating portfolio invites viewers to embark on their own visual daydreams, exploring the intricacies of their memories and embracing the vibrant emotions that colour their journey through life.


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