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" A picture telling a lot of stories is what helt visions at & depicts in his Paintings "

Helt Sort, also known as Christian Logstrup, was born in Copenhagen in 1963. He has a distinguished background as a former award-winning graphic designer and creative art director.

Presently, Helt Sort is a highly versatile and creative artist, with a strong emphasis on creating eye-catching and contemporary pop art. His artistic endeavours have earned him representation in several esteemed international galleries, predominantly within Scandinavia.

Central to Helt Sort's artistic vision is the concept of a picture that encapsulates a myriad of narratives. This theme becomes the focal point of his paintings, where he adeptly brings to life diverse stories and emotions through his unique artistic expressions. He finds a perfect canvas for his creativity in mixed media, skilfully utilizing elements such as print, photography, collage, acrylic paint, and spray.

Through this fusion of mediums, Helt Sort's artworks possess a distinct and captivating charm, drawing viewers into a world of visual storytelling and artistic depth. His preference for modern contemporary pop art, coupled with his relentless creativity, marks him as an influential figure in the contemporary art scene.


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