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Cristian Basile 


"Artistic journey, stemming from the heart of Bergamo and blossoming amidst Milan's vibrant art scene, speaks volumes about the fusion of passion, authenticity, and relentless  "

In the heart of Bergamo, amidst the whispers of creativity, Cristian Basile was born in 1987. From tender beginnings, he immersed himself in the enchanting world of design. At the age of 18, a spark ignited within him, fueling a journey of artistic exploration.

His hands, guided by passion, began to transform furniture accessories into manifestations of his inner vision. Milan became the stage for his debut exhibition, a momentous step into the realm of contemporary art. Enthralled by the dance of colors and forms, Basile's artistry took flight, culminating in mesmerizing three-dimensional paintings. Each stroke, imbued with a symphony of resins, paints, and fluorescent hues, whispered tales of innovation.

As whispers turned to echoes, his name traversed from lips to screens, embraced by a digital age. Yet, amidst the acclaim, Basile remained anchored to his core: the allure of three-dimensional projection.
Now, in the embrace of his Bergamo home, he continues to sculpt dreams, embodying the eternal journey of an artist driven by authenticity and vision.

ليس لدينا أي منتجات لعرضها هنا الآن.

Cristian Basile
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