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Neon Panther 100x100 canvas.jpg

Michel Friess 


" Everything is POP and POP is Everything!
POP ART is my love and my Life!

A leading figure in German and international pop art. Renowned for his unique and intricate mixed media works, Friess has received numerous accolades, including the prestigious "Global Art Award 2020" in Shanghai. His art, celebrated for its vibrant storytelling and attention to detail, is showcased in over 70 renowned galleries worldwide, from New York to Shanghai.


Friess developed a passion for street art at a young age. His career took off with portrait works for prominent personalities, leading to international recognition in 2016. Working from his studio in Kaiserslautern, Germany, Friess creates each piece by hand, using techniques like painting, spray cans, hand screen printing, and collaging iconic materials. His studio's unique atmosphere, housed in a former 1950s factory, adds to the distinctive charm of his work.

Michelle friess
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