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swiss & haitian ARTIST

Dionys his a swiss / Haitian Artist. Initially pursuing a career in Art direction .He entered the art world with his first collages he made on furnitures.

Dionys, a Swiss and Haitian Artist, began pursuing his career in art. He entered the art world involved crafting collages on furniture.

His artistic expression draws upon a captivating iconographic element sourced from fashion, cinema, comics, marketing, and the press.

Aiming to challenge our perceptions and delve into our relationships with others and ourselves in the context of a globalized society, he follows in the footsteps of surrealists, combining fantasy with his profound passion for art. In his hands, the line between fantasy and reality blurs, and he effectively revolutionizes our era with contemporary techniques.

The meticulous craftsmanship of his artworks involves intricate hand-finishing with multiple layers of epoxy, resulting in innovative and distinctive mix-media art featuring a mesmerizing 3D effect.

Each of Dionys's works crystallizes a mix of images and codes, that he transcends into an instant aesthetic and a singular artistic vision.

The icons portrayed within his works invite varied interpretations from different viewers, presenting themselves as enigmatic puzzles that may gradually reveal their hidden depths over time.

In addition to him being an artist, Dionys is a photographer and designer, infusing art into every facet of his endeavors.

Through a unique collaboration with L'Atelier by Gallery 27, a special collection has emerged, featuring an exquisite blend of Texture, Resin, and various mixed medias, showcasing artistic brilliance of Dionys.

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