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" Breathing life into forgotten relics, his artistry is a poetic ode to history, sustainability, and the transformative power of creativity. "

an esteemed Sculptor Designer and Réanimateur d’objets (Reanimator of Objects), born on January 7, 1967, in Châteaubriand, France. With a rich entrepreneurial and creative journey spanning over 30 years across various industries, he embarked on a new venture in 2016 by joining the Maison des artistes1.


Jaunay is renowned for his unique ability to breathe new life into abandoned objects and materials, transforming them into art. His work is a testament to the history of these materials, as he skillfully repurposes metal—often with historical significance—wood, glass, and bronze into stunning sculptures, luminaires, and furniture1. His creations are not merely recycled art; they are poetic expressions that reveal the material’s soul, with a focus on soft finishes that invite touch and convey a rich, dense emotion2.


As a passionate advocate for sustainability, Jaunay’s artistry lies in his approach to recycling, where he sees the potential for beauty in the patina of wear and the stories embedded in rust and decay. Each piece he creates is a unique narrative, a celebration of the object’s past, and a rebirth into something new and extraordinary1.


Jaunay’s work has gained recognition in the art world, with his pieces being featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries. He has also entered the circle of rated artists, a testament to the quality and originality of his work2. His dedication to his craft and his innovative approach to design make Carl Jaunay a distinguished figure in the realm of contemporary art and design

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