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Alik is a mixed media artist, based in Kiev, 999 is his mascot number. A dedication to the extraordinary, a devotion to beauty, and a passion for luxury are what he is trying to embody in his art pieces. An interest in art, painting and foreign cultures accompanies him throughout his life.


Alik, a highly accomplished mixed media artist based in Kiev, distinguishes himself through his distinctive mascot number, 999. His artistic journey is marked by a profound dedication to the extraordinary, an unwavering pursuit of beauty, and an ardent passion for luxury, all of which find their embodiment in his mesmerizing art pieces. Throughout his life, Alik has developed a deep interest in art, painting, and foreign cultures, which serve as an ever- present companion enriching his creative pursuits.

In his artistic endeavours, Alik skilfully employs a diverse range of materials, including spray paint, acrylic, resin, marker, newspaper, and comic book clippings. Drawing inspiration from pop culture and staying at the forefront of contemporary art and culture, he adeptly captures the essence of emerging trends in his pieces, featuring iconic characters, celebrities, and luxurious items that serve as a wellspring of inspiration for collectors worldwide.

Alik's paintings delve into the realm of modernity, presenting animated cartoon-style portrayals of luxury lifestyles while offering insightful commentary on social and economic issues pertinent to the culture of capitalism. Each artwork is carefully crafted to evoke a myriad of emotions, passions, and sensations, effectively transporting the viewer into a captivating world of artistic expression.

Diverse and global, Alik's clientele includes businessmen, professional athletes, and musicians, all drawn to the unique allure of his art. His creations exude a sense of freedom and an uplifting attitude towards life, manifesting as a realization of individual dreams that inspire each space with a distinct and spirited character.

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