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Sur - Mesure

With a French Touch


More and more today, people are recognising the impact that Art can make on themselves and on environments. Gallery27 offers you, art enthusiasts, the opportunity to do artistic collaborations with the artists of "Collectif 27"


These collaborations will result in bespoke artworks that will relate to you, inspire you, amaze you, and bring a new dimension to your living environment. 

Art makes us feel good and happy, so much that it will become a need for your well-being.

Each project is unique and deserves to be studied as a whole, we will do our best to meet your expectations.



Our team of art dealers will be present to accompany and advise you in your customization choices. 

Personalization by Jean-Michel Collell based on a photograph

Creation by Collectif 27 based on a photography

The Only limit is your IMAGINATION

Do not hesitate to contact Gallery27 to discuss your project together!

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