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Pop Art, Contemporary art Collage Unraveling Stories, Delve into the intricate narratives woven within Rakel W's contemporary collage series, Unraveling Stories, Each piece presents a visual tapestry of fragmented memories and hidden meanings



"Rakel's creative spirit, represents a condensed version of what she wants to propagate: an object with a strong identity that takes up her major inspirations, flirting between a nostalgic aspect linked to childhood and the contemporary DNA of the creation."

Rakel's creative spirit embodies a concise representation of her artistic vision, seeking to propagate objects with a distinctive identity that intertwine her major inspirations. Balancing a nostalgic essence from her childhood with the contemporary essence of creation, she crafts artworks that exude grace, delicacy, optimism, and cheerfulness.

From Paris, Rakel's artistic journey commenced during her formative years in the 1970s. A natural artistic fiber emanated from her, evident in her pursuit of fashion design studies at the prestigious Parisian school, Esmod. As life progressed, Rakel found solace in painting, effectively balancing her family life with her artistic alter-ego.

The icons of the 7th Art and Fashion, including figures like Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, Al Pacino, and the pioneer of Pop-Art, Andy Warhol, profoundly inspire Rakel. In her unique way, she immortalizes these iconic personalities with elegance, and a touch of optimism, reflecting her own creative identity.

Her sculptures, a seamless continuation of her paintings, centre around renowned beauty icons like Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Jackson, Steve McQueen, Coco Chanel, Picasso, Marilyn Monroe, Basquiat, and Kate Moss. These sculptures embody the essence of Malab'Art, a representation of Rakel's creative spirit, bridging nostalgia from her childhood with the contemporary elements of her artistic expression.

Available in various sizes, from Baby Gum to Bubble Gum XXL, Malab'Art sculptures stand as unique pieces, each revealing the artist's dental imprint, a signature touch that imbues her creations with a distinctive genetic artistic identity.

Throughout her artistic journey, Rakel's creations have attracted collectors worldwide, evoking a sensory and emotional response. The recent introduction of "The Gummy," a small character inspired by legends in art, sport, music, and fashion, further adds to the allure of her famous bubble gum series.

Rakel's artistic innovation continues to captivate audiences, as her unique artworks, both paintings and sculptures, reflect her passion, creativity, and the remarkable fusion of influences that define her artistic universe.


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