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"The young scrupulous creative brings an extensive mastery of a mix of influences, imagery, color theory, and subject matter to his digital art and canvas paintings.  "

Benjamin Dacik, a highly acclaimed artist known by his artistic name, Benkograph. With an unwavering commitment to inspiring his audience through the art of visual storytelling, Benjamin brings an extensive mastery of a mix of influences, imagery, colour theory, and subject matter in both his digital art and canvas paintings.

Hailing from Switzerland with Balkan roots, Benjamin's passion for art has been a lifelong pursuit, starting from his early years as a child. Drawing inspiration from the art scene of the 90s and iconic fashion brands, he harnesses the power of colours, brush strokes, and mark lines to imbue his creations with captivating allure.

Utilizing a dynamic blend of Mixed Media, acrylic resin paint, and glitter; Benkograph stands out as an innovative force in futuristic arts.
His proficiency extends to the digital realm, where he expertly crafts new pictures using photoshop, showcasing versatility across different artistic mediums. Outside the world of art, Benjamin enjoys socializing with friends, further enriching his perspective and experiences. Driven by a desire for growth and exploration, Benjamin envisions himself as the young Picasso of contemporary times, striving to leave an indelible mark on the world of art with his ever-evolving creativity.

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