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Belgian Artist 

“Metamorphosis from model to self-taught artist is a testament to the alchemy of passion, where the runway's allure gives way to the canvas's embrace.”

began her career as a model in the 1990s, working with renowned fashion designers such as Sonia Rykiel, Azzedine Alaïa, Dior, and La Perla. Her striking presence on the runway quickly gained recognition. However, despite her love for the beauty and artistry of the fashion industry, she felt a sense of superficiality and excess. This led her to seek more meaningful pursuits, including building a family.


Transitioning from modeling, Myriam focused on interior design. She studied the field and built a career that offered both stability and creative fulfillment. Yet, her passion for art persisted. In her spare time, she explored various mediums and styles, creating wearable art like bags and clothing items. Unlike some artists, Myriam is not the product of formal training; she is a true self-taught artist who learned everything from scratch. Her journey began as a hobby—an expressive outlet free from rules and restrictions.


From wood and canvas to wearable art, Myriam’s creativity knows no bounds. Her natural knack for artistic expression has allowed her to evolve as an artist, even without prior experience in the field. Myriam Besri’s story exemplifies the power of passion and self-discovery in the world of art1.


Myriam Besri

Myriam besri
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