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Huang YULONG ⻩玉龙

chinese sculptor hip-hop culture

As one of the new generation of Chinese sculpture artists and part of the post-‘80 and ‘only child’ generation, Huang is strongly influenced by the phenomenon of hip-hop, street art and other foreign culture phenomenon in China, which he combines with his fascination with pottery and the material world.

Huang Yulong (⻩玉龙) was born in 1983 in Huai’an, Anhui Province, China. In 2007 he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jiangxi Province. 

He works in a variety of media, mixing traditional ceramic porcelain or bronze with crystals. To him, the hip-hop culture he often portrays, the hoodies and bling, is a state of being and a way of life, not merely a foreign culture appropriated by young Chinese. To him, hip-hop culture is “characterized by energy, power, purity, sexuality, freedom, courage. But this is also an urban story full of crying and blood.”