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"Nacho's art is very distinctive, hundreds of doodles, intertwined with each other in a canvas telling a story about parallel visions that storm his mind constantly."

José, widely known as Nacho, is the junior artist affiliated with Collectif 27. Born in Venezuela in 2007, he spent his formative years in Peru before relocating to Dubai in 2019. From an early age, Nacho demonstrated a passion for drawing, and his dedication to his craft is a testament to the idea that age is no barrier to unleashing an infinite vision.

Since 2015, his passion for drawing has intensified, leading him to engage in daily artistic expressions. Drawing inspiration from street art and Japanese art, Nacho's work possesses a distinct and captivating flair.
His art stands out with hundreds of intricately woven doodles, harmoniously interlaced on the canvas, weaving a compelling narrative about the parallel visions that incessantly storm his imaginative mind. Each stroke on the canvas conveys a vibrant story, providing a glimpse into the unique artistic world Nacho has created.

Exclusively featured at Gallery27, we take immense pride in presenting Nacho's incredible artistic world, inviting art enthusiasts to experience the fascinating journey of this talented young artist. His distinctive style, creativity, and boundless imagination promise to captivate and inspire audiences, reflecting the dynamic spirit of the emerging generation in the art world.


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