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Lips painting, digital art creation, blue lips painting, louis vuitton lips painting, Contemporary art, art gallery, dubai, pop art.



"As a digital artist; her work mainly concerns computers; but drawing is a parallel element that compliments her art"

To offer a new dimension to her creations, she collaborates today with Gallery27's workshop allowing a futuristic production and a high-quality finish.

Distinctive textures and an array of technical effects breathe life into her artwork, immersing it with contemporary reality. Passionately devoted to drawing from an early age, it has become the essence of her being.

Driven by an admiration for captivating visuals, a passion for colours, and a natural sense of creativity, she pursued graphic studies. As a digital artist, her proficiency lies in the digital realm, while drawing remains a parallel element that gracefully complements her artistry. Her forte lies in portraying portraits of female figures, where she skilfully manipulates shapes, colours, textures, reliefs, and lighting to render graphic and vibrant masterpieces with unparalleled flair.


Sarah Borderie, Digital artist
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