swiss & haitian ARTIST

Dionys his a swiss / Haitian Artist. Initially pursuing a career in Art direction .He entered the art world with his first collages he made on furnitures.

Dionys uses iconographic elements borrowed from fashion, cinema, comics, marketing, the press, and more.

He always want to challenge us, like the surrealists, on our relationship to others and to ourselves through the idols and symbols that make up our globalized society. Combining fantasy and passion of art.
There is no line between fantasy and reality. It revolutionizes our era with current techniques.

Most of the artworks are finished by hand with several layers of epoxy. By adding these layers he is able to create innovative and unique mix-media art with a fantastic 3D effect.

Each of Dionys's works crystallizes a mix of images and codes, that he transcends into an instant aesthetic and a singular artistic vision. The icons can be intepreted in different ways by different viewers. The Artworks are like a puzzle that may or may not reveal with time.

He’s also a photographer / designer he sees art in everything he does.

Through an unique Collaboration with L'Atelier by Gallery 27,  born a special collection, with Texture, Resin and multiples mixed medias,