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" His works represent three-dimensional cities made up of different layers drawn and superimposed in a very colorful and detailed naive style. "

Johann Perathoner, a renowned French visual artist, was born on 20 March 1986 in Paris. His artistic journey began at a very young age, demonstrating a compulsive inclination towards drawing. By the age of 14, his exceptional works had already gained recognition and were featured in postcards published by Bertrand Lehmann's editions Cartes d'Art. Since 2015, Johann's artistic prowess has been celebrated and represented in prestigious galleries across the globe. His works are prominently displayed in cities such as Paris, London, Honfleur, Courchevel, Venice, Geneva, Singapore, Tokyo, and Beyrouth.

Central to Johann Perathoner's artistic expression are his three-dimensional cityscapes, intricately crafted from different layers of drawings, masterfully superimposed in a vibrant

and highly detailed naive style. Each artwork is a symphony of coloUrs and captivating details, offering viewers a captivating glimpse into his unique artistic universe.
Johann's ability to create visually striking cityscapes with a touch of naivety infuses his works with an enchanting charm, evoke a sense of wonder and fascination. His artistic vision takes the viewer on an imaginative journey through his intricately layered urban landscapes, inviting them to explore the vibrant and dynamic essence of the cities he brings to life on canvas.


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