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"This savoir-faire requires keen attention to details so that the shapes and shades can create these striking monochromatic images."

Jean-Michel Collell, a highly skilled French artist, has ventured into various artistic mediums before finding his true calling in wire mesh portraiture, where he excels in creating hyper- realistic portraits. Influenced by the realms of cinema and music, Jean-Michel employs the intricate technique of cross-hatching to recreate the features of his characters with astonishing precision. The result is nothing short of remarkable, as his portraits take on a level of realism that can resemble a lifelike photograph from a distance.

Achieving such remarkable artistry demands a meticulous attention to detail, as Jean-Michel carefully crafts shapes and shades within the wire mesh to produce striking monochromatic images. Through this skilful savoir-faire, he skilfully captures not only the physical likeness of his subjects but also their intrinsic strengths and vulnerabilities.

Jean-Michel Collell's wire mesh portraiture serves as a testament to his artistic ability, revealing the profound essence of the individuals portrayed, evoking emotions, and offering viewers a captivating glimpse into the complexities of the human spirit.

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