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"Also venturing into the creation of Art Toys with a character called Breaky Bear, which are fiberglass pieces with enamel finishes. And the personal touch including calligraphy and personalized styles which makes them unique pieces. ! "

Adahir Chi, born on February 22, 1987, in Mexico City, is an artist whose work spans diverse creative endeavours. Notably, he has ventured into the creation of Art Toys, introducing a character named Breaky Bear. These Art Toys are crafted from fibre glass and adorned with enamel finishes, showcasing a fusion of artistic skill and craftsmanship.

Adahir Chi imbues each piece with a personal touch, incorporating calligraphy and personalized styles, resulting in the creation of truly unique and distinctive works of art. Among his most iconic creations are designs based on geometric figures, with a particular emphasis on circles. A defining feature of these designs is the utilization of a Gothic calligraphy style, a holistic form of artistic expression.

Developed by the artist himself, this calligraphy technique serves as a profound manifestation of human artistry, adding depth and significance to his creations.

Adahir Chi’s artistic endeavours demonstrate his profound artistic vision, blending various elements to craft captivating and meaningful pieces that leave a lasting impact on viewers and collectors alike.


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