BinParis is a Parisian artist born in the 90’.

It is through discovering watercolor that he began to take an interest in art where Parisian graffiti in particular that held his attention.

Growing up in a city where every thing such as the metro, parking meters, trucks, and traffic signs was used as a canvas for street artists to express themselves that gave him a passion for art. He is influenced and inspired by pop culture, street art, and fashion where he doesn’t hesitate use iconic images, well-known characters and brands to create his pieces.

After his move to Dubai in early 2013, BinParis worked on different materials and used different techniques, but he found his creativity especially in recycling and painting objects that come from the Emirati industrial sector.

He gave used oil barrels, fire extinguishers, jerry cans, and many more items a new and more colorful second life.




BinParis - Customised Barrel

BinParis - Customised Barrel


BinParis offer you many possibility to customise your Barrel BUMPED // SMOOTH // GLOSSY // MATE


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