ART Exhibition

Gallery27 presents, in its warehouse-style space, a large panel of authentic artworks by both, emerging and well-established artists, to be acquired. 

Our artists are challenged to push their boundaries, develop their artistic skills, and experiment with innovative media applications.

Visit us and you will enjoy artworks with eclectic techniques and beautiful aesthetics that will inspire and amaze you.

Gallery27 offers you, corporates:

  1. Permanent artwork commissioning and production

  2. Temporary artworks/installations commissioning and production

Gallery27 works alongside artists and Patrons to produce bespoke artworks to reflect the unique nature of your work environment as well as to align your business with the arts. 

Our collections are available for temporary site-specific exhibitions with the aim of mirroring the unique identity of the space, and attracting footfall to the business. 

Sneak Peek of our Collections !